Technological Innovation

    Technical Team

    Baofeng has a technology center with talented team members of high technical level and strong professional abilities.  Through the professional and comprehensive research in the fields of technology, equipment, materials, food and chemistry, it allows Baofeng to carry out in-depth R&D and innovation in product development, quality control, performance analysis.  At the same time, it also strengthens cooperation with research and educational institutions, as well as upstream and downstream enterprises. At present Baofeng has obtained more than 50 independent intellectual property patents.

    Laboratory Equipment

    The laboratory was highly invested and setup with equipments including Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry, Leica 3D digital microscope, Ion Chromatography, and Autolab Electrochemical workstation were imported from Germany and Japan.  This ensures our efficient, accurate detection and analysis capabilities in terms of materials, product performance, and food safety.