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Successfully held the March 8th Women’s Day Celebration

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  The annual Mar 8 International Women’s Day is here, in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of female employees in the harmonious and happy family of Baofeng, the company HR Center and Administration Department jointly launched a talk of female health care program in the afternoon of Mar 5, 2021. Lectures provide a warm-hearted care activity full health knowledge for the mainly female employees.

 This event specially invited Dr Liu Dan, Dean of Yin Cheng Branch of Mei Nian Health, to give lecture on health knowledge for female employees.Dr Liu combined her years of medical experience, from common female diseases, diet, sleep, physical exercise and other aspects were discussed. Scientific guidance on how to prevent various diseases were given, which promoted the majority of female employees to have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of women’s health knowledge.

  This activity not only created the festive atmosphere but also built a platform for communication with each other, which is conducive to establish a harmonious interpersonal relationships, and also enhance the cohesion of the workforce. It also allows employees to feel the warmth and love of Baofeng. Looking forward to the next year’s March 8 Women’s Day celebrations will be more colorful.