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Low-Carbon Promotion Activities were successfully held in Baofeng

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  Aug 25th is the National Low Carbon Day. In order to enhance the public awareness of resources, energy conservation, and environmental protection, a publicity event themed “Low Carbon Life, Green Building for the future” was held in the administration building of Baofeng on that day.The event is sponsored by Xiamen Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and undertaken by Xiamen Tongan District Ecological Environment Bureau. Leaders of Tongan District Ecological Environment Bureau, Industry and Information Bureau, Development and Reform Commission and Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences and representatives of Baofeng employees participated.

  The event was hosted by Deputy Director Wang He Tuan of Tongan District Ecological Environment Bureau. Mr Wang stated that launching the low carbon day theme publicity activities and advocating the concept of green and low carbon development is a vivid practice of implementing President Xi Jin Ping’s thoughts on ecological civilization. When we highly develop we should also attend to the green and low carbon development in order to continue to build a beautiful Xiamen.

 At present, the construction and development had entered a critical time in which carbon and pollution reduction are the key strategic direction. The National Low Carbon Day is simply a reminder to everyone of us to consciously practice to the concepts of low carbon production, green life, energy conservation and environmental protection. We should be the demonstrators of low carbon life and form a good pattern to drive our families and people around you to participate in low carbon life.

 Mr He Zhi Hong from Baofeng EHS Department gave a brief introduction on the company’s measures and achievements in environmental protection. Being a leader in aluminium easy-open-ends industry, Baofeng has heavily invested in environmental protection, and its VOC emissions are far below the National standard. Continuing of green development of Baofeng has effectively reduced the impact on the surrounding ecological environment during production, and further achieved the goal of reducing consumption and emissions. The company will continue the “green” action and strive to build the company into a clean, efficient, low carbon, and recyclable green enterprise.