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    Baofeng launches training of new “Safety Production Law”

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    This training is organized by the EHS Department and were held in five sessions from Nov 23 to 29, 2021. At the training meeting, safety officer Mr He explained the background and characteristics of the revision of the new "Safety Production Law" from the political, corporate, and employee levels. Citing numbers of production accident cases, using vivid language, professional theories, and experienced handling to deeply analyze and explain the connotation requirements of the Safety Production Law and the "Three Controls and Three Musts".After the occurrence of a production safety accident, what are the legal responsibilities, how to implement the main responsibilities, statutory rights and obligations of production safety, etc., through theoretical summaries and specific examples, participants can accurately grasp the new requirements and high standards of safety management, and better guide and promote work safety in production.


    Safety Officer Mr He gave a detailed explanation of the "Safety Production Law". His vivid language and simple explanations made everyone more deeply aware of the importance of doing a good job in safety and a deeper understanding of the new requirements and specifications of the new "Safety Production Law". This training made all employees understand that in the future work they need to further strengthen their safety awareness, sense of responsibility and awareness of danger, and continue to strengthen the publicity and implementation of the new "Safety Production Law". What’s most important is to learn, understand and abide the law, and to make every effort to maintain the continuous stability of the safety production situation, to provide a solid guarantee for the completion of various production tasks of Baofeng throughout the year.